How to Improve Your Use of Microsoft Word’s Free Built-In Tools for Lawyers

Drafting complex law documents can be intense work. Fortunately, Microsoft Word has a vast array of free, built-in tools that lawyers can use to make the document creation process easier.

Most users are aware of some of the built-in tools available, but few users harness the true power Word is capable of!

The following guide includes tips specifically for lawyers in how to use MS Word Tools, non-legal specific guides to the tools, official MS Word Built-in Tool guidance, and video tutorials.

Tips for Lawyers for Using Built-In MS Word Tools

Non-Legal Specific Guides for Using Built-In MS Word Tools

Official Microsoft Instructions for Using MS Word

Video Tutorials for Difficult MS Word Tasks

Legal Blawgs for MS Office Tips

Reference Books for MS Office Tips

Articles Evaluating MS Word Add-Ins for Lawyers

Once you get the most out of what MS Word has to offer, you, your team and your clients benefit. You will be able to spend more time building your case and less time fighting with documents.

Ready for more Word tips, tutorials, and videos specifically for lawyers? You can get the full Lawyer’s Guide for free below.

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Give Your Microsoft Word a Legal Education