Building a Style Sheet 10: Sharing Your Style

Video transcript

This is Part 10 of our ten-part video series on building a PerfectIt style sheet. At this point, you already know everything you need to know to turn your style manual into a PerfectIt style sheet. You know how to make a new style sheet, how to alter the settings, and how to enforce preferences such as spelling, hyphenation, capitalization and italics. So now that you’ve done all that, how can you share it?

PerfectIt style sheets are actually easy to share with colleagues. So all it takes is one person to prepare or manage a style sheet. Then everyone in your organization can use that style sheet to enforce house preferences.

To share a style, click ‘Manage Styles’. Then choose ‘Export’.

PerfectIt gives you the option whether to allow users to edit the style on their computer. This is entirely up to you. You might want each user to be able to add their own changes and improve checking. Or you might want to keep the style identical for everyone, in which case you wouldn’t let them edit it.

Make your choice, then save that file anywhere, and send it to your colleagues.

Let’s imagine this is now your colleague’s machine. Here’s how they import it: Click ‘Manage Styles’. Then click ‘Import’. Then find the style sheet that you sent and select it. That style sheet now appears in the list of styles available.

That completes our style sheet video tutorials. You should now feel confident using PerfectIt to enforce your house style. And to make it even easier, Intelligent Editing can also offer a custom service to build style sheets for your organization. Just drop us a line if you have any questions about that or see the Intelligent Editing website for a free 30-day trial of PerfectIt.