Legal Training and Assessment: Programs and Resources to Supercharge Your Legal Tech Skills

Understanding technology is a valuable skill for lawyers. When lawyers struggle with technology, time and resources that could be better utilized are wasted.

Are you still spending too much time struggling with Word and not enough time creating great legal documents? It might be time to get some training!

Technology training will help you accomplish the tasks you have today, and it will also help you identify opportunities for improvement in the future. With ongoing training, you will start looking for solutions before you’re frustrated, overwhelmed, and out of time. This will lead to tailored solutions, better results, and a more rewarding experience.

Training and Assessment Programs and Providers

a. Custom Training and Consulting

b. Technology Skills Assessment and Training

c. Develop Your Own Training Program with this Guidance

On-Demand Training Tutorials and CLEs for Using MS Word Effectively

a. Using MS Word Effectively

b. Ethics Related to Technology and Effective Use of MS Word

Follow Workflow-Driven Legal Industry Guidance for Training

  • The Effectiveness Project – a cross-functional, multi-national, industry wide collaboration with LTC4 intended to make the document drafting process knowable and repeatable and offer a variety of free and low-cost tools to improve the process
  • Standards Advancement for the Legal Industry Alliance – a collaboration trying to create a “common language” for describing different aspects of legal matters and develop interoperability standards for technology

It is never too late to learn something new! When lawyers become more proficient with technology and document creation, they save time and provide more value for their firm and clients. Improving your skills is a win for the whole team.

Ready for more Word tips, tutorials, and videos specifically for lawyers? You can get the full Lawyer’s Guide for free below.

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