Intelligent Editing Launches PerfectIt Cloud

In response to hundreds of user requests, proofreading software is now available for Macs, iPads and Word Online via the Microsoft Store

LONDON – 26-June-2018. Today Intelligent Editing, the leading provider of software for professional editors, announced the launch of PerfectIt Cloud. Now PerfectIt can run on any device, which makes it available to Mac users for the first time.

PerfectIt Cloud is one of the first proofreading tools available via Microsoft’s Office Store. PerfectIt finds consistency mistakes, enforces style manuals, and picks up a variety of other errors that no spelling or grammar checker can find.

A Mac-compatible version of PerfectIt is made possible by Microsoft’s introduction of the Office Store. As a result, users will have the same experience using PerfectIt Cloud on any Office 365 device, whether working on Mac, PC, iPad or Word Online.

The release of PerfectIt Cloud is a response to over 700 Mac users requesting a compatible version of PerfectIt. “Customers have been asking for a Mac version since 2009. We’re delighted to finally deliver PerfectIt Cloud” said Daniel Heuman, CEO and Founder of Intelligent Editing.

Response from users has been impressive. The beta version of PerfectIt Cloud has five stars in the Office Store, and more reviews than almost any other MS Word add-in available there.

 “Mac users in the editing world have been waiting for this for years. Consistency errors are time-consuming to find and take away focus from the real value that professional editors add in improving text,” said Anna Williams, Managing Editor, The Editors' Weekly.

Intelligent Editing will continue to sell PerfectIt 3 for PC users. A subscription to PerfectIt will now give users the choice of PerfectIt 3 or PerfectIt Cloud (and users with multiple devices can install both with a single license). Some features (such as footnote checking and customization of styles) are not yet available in PerfectIt Cloud, but Intelligent Editing plan to add them as soon as possible.

“Because we grow organically and are guided by our users, developing a Mac-compatible version has been a priority for us,” said Daniel Heuman, CEO and Founder of Intelligent Editing. “And since so many editors, writers, communications professionals, marketers, and authors are based on Macs, we wanted to bring them PerfectIt Cloud as soon as we could. PerfectIt Cloud has a sleek new interface that mean it’s easier and faster to use than PerfectIt 3. And we’ve got plans to build in all the functionality too,” he continued.

About PerfectIt

PerfectIt is an add-in for MS Word that has more than 6,000 users in 72 countries. It is used by governments, transnational institutions and Fortune 500 companies around the world.

About Intelligent Editing

Intelligent Editing Ltd specializes in software that delivers faster, more accurate editing for professionals. We believe that humans make the best editing decisions and that they always will. We build technology to help them edit faster and better. Our software lets you write your way. It works with every house style and every format. It helps you make corrections, and create the best impression, no matter how tight your deadline.

Media Contact

Daniel Heuman, CEO & Founder, Intelligent Editing.
Email: [email protected]
United Kingdom: +44-161-408-7568
USA: +1-718-514-2714

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