Intelligent Editing Launches PerfectIt 4

New version is faster and easier to use, and adds additional checking for lawyers and users working with GPO Style.

LONDON – 26-June-2019. Today Intelligent Editing, the leading provider of software for proofreading, announced the release of PerfectIt 4.

Key Highlights:

  • Find mistakes faster
  • New interface saves time on every correction
  • Support for Government Publishing Office (GPO) Style added
  • Enhanced checking with American Legal Style

Faster Checking

PerfectIt 4 scans documents faster so that users save time checking. Scans that previously took more than five minutes have been cut to just seconds. The time saving is especially significant for scientific, medical and pharmaceutical writers who will find that long documents such as regulatory submissions and dossiers are easier and faster to check.

New Interface Allows Users to Work Faster

Intelligent Editing has made significant enhancements to PerfectIt’s user experience by providing a clean and modern user interface. The new design streamlines the review panel, which makes it easier to review potential errors and decide how to address them with a single click. Intuitive navigation improves productivity and minimizes the learning curve for new users, allowing them to ramp up quickly.

Legal Style Sheet Update Includes More Than 12,000 New Corrections

Building on the law-focused style sheet launched in 2015, American Legal Style for PerfectIt now includes over 25,000 legal-specific corrections. Additions include more Bluebook corrections and more checks for issues in legal writing style and terms of art.

GPO Style

GPO style is used for US government documents, and it forms the starting point for numerous style manuals across a variety of government departments. PerfectIt 4 has built-in support for GPO style so users can automatically enforce thousands of preferences. Users can also adapt PerfectIt’s GPO style to their own house style rules and use it a base for any documents submitted to the US government.

About PerfectIt

PerfectIt is a proofreading and editing add-in for MS Word that checks for errors using familiar spell-check-like functionality and informative commentary. It delivers faster, more accurate proofreading and editing for professionals, ranging from copy editors and consultants to lawyers and scientists. PerfectIt was launched in 2009. It is used by governments, transnational institutions and Fortune 500 companies around the world, with more than 8,000 users in 72 countries.

American Legal Style is the legal-specific stylesheet that builds on PerfectIt’s basic checks and adds over 25,000 corrections that only a trained legal writer or editor would know to look for. It checks everything from consistent capitalization of defined terms and use of acronyms, to legal-specific typos and transposed letters in terms of art.

GPO Style determines the form and style of US Federal Government printing. The style is the product of public printing experience dating back to 1894; and its rules are based on principles of good usage and custom in the printing trade. PerfectIt’s support for GPO Style is based on the 2017 edition, as well as PerfectIt’s own database of preferences.

About Intelligent Editing Ltd

Intelligent Editing Ltd specializes in software that delivers faster, more accurate editing for professionals. We believe that humans make the best editing decisions and that they always will. We build technology to help them edit faster and better. Our software lets you write your way. It works with every house style and every format. It helps you make corrections, and create the best impression, no matter how tight your deadline.

Media Contact

Daniel Heuman, CEO & Founder, Intelligent Editing

Email: [email protected]

USA: +1-718-514-2714

United Kingdom: +44-161-408-7568

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