Intelligent Editing Launches PerfectIt 2.0

Finds consistency mistakes in books, reports, contracts and other documents

LONDON – 1-Aug-2012. Today Intelligent Editing, a leading provider of software for proofreading, announced the launch of PerfectIt 2.0. PerfectIt is an add-in for PCs with MS Word that is used by editors, authors, technical writers, consultants, and lawyers around the world. PerfectIt checks for consistency mistakes in English language documents. It functions like a spelling or grammar checker, but the mistakes that it finds won’t be spotted by any other program.

PerfectIt is a favourite among publishing industry professionals, with more than 100 members of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders in the UK using the software. PerfectIt gives professionals the assurance that their document is published with as few errors as possible.

The new version marks a step-change in PerfectIt’s checking. PerfectIt 2.0 runs many times faster than before; lets users go back and forth between possible errors; and it allows automatic generation of consistency reports on each document.

'PerfectIt is for professionals who work with documents regularly. It helps companies enforce their style guide, and it’s the best way to ensure that documents go out error-free' said Daniel Heuman, Managing Director of Intelligent Editing.

Mistakes that PerfectIt can find include hyphenation inconsistencies (e.g. 'copy-edit' and 'copyedit'), capitalization inconsistencies (e.g. 'Internet' and 'internet'); spelling inconsistencies (e.g. 'adviser' and 'advisor'); and abbreviations that have not been defined.

PerfectIt 2.0 is available for a free trial at:

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Intelligent Editing Ltd specializes in software that delivers faster, more accurate editing for professionals. Our philosophy is that good software lets you write your way. We don't use templates or input fields or anything else that restricts your writing. We design software that quickly and easily helps professionals to create the best documents.

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