Intelligent Editing Launches Instant Online Proofreading Assistance for Free

Online checker finds difficult-to-locate errors like consistency mistakes

LONDON – 27-July-2011. Today Intelligent Editing, the leading provider of software for proofreading, announced the launch of a free online checker that assists with editing. Users can upload PDF, Word or plain text files and instantly receive a report that outlines possible consistency errors in the text.

Consistency mistakes are notoriously difficult to spot. Research shows that a quarter of published documents over 1500 words contain words that are spelled in two different ways, and that six in ten contain inconsistent hyphenation. Even the most eagle-eyed editor can spend hours checking consistency and still fail to notice mistakes. However, the online checker instantly compares every phrase to every other phrase in order to accurately assess consistency in seconds.

The online checker provides a sample of the tests run by PerfectIt, Intelligent Editing's add-in for PCs with MS Word that helps professionals spot a variety of errors. The online version uses the same checking engine as PerfectIt and means that Mac and OpenOffice users have access to PerfectIt's powerful checking for the first time.

'We've been designing editing software for industry professionals for over two years now. It's great to take that to the next level and provide a resource that can help everyone with their documents, no matter what their operating system or budget, ' said Daniel Heuman, Managing Director of Intelligent Editing.

The online consistency checker is entirely automated, ensuring that all documents analyzed are secure. It works with US, UK, Canadian, Australian and all other international types of English. The checker runs a series of tests that suggest possible consistency or style errors such as:

  • Words that are hyphenated in one place, but not in others (e.g. 'self interest' and 'self-interest')
  • Numbers that are spelled out in some locations but appear in numerals elsewhere (e.g. 'there were 5' and 'there were four')
  • Abbreviations that appear in two forms (e.g. NASA and N.A.S.A.)
  • Words that are spelled two different ways (e.g. 'colour' and 'color')

The reports that the checker generates leave the final decision on all edits up to authors and editors. The checker doesn't know if 'self-interest' should be written with or without a hyphen. That depends both on context and on style preferences. However, by making users aware of the possible inconsistency, errors become easy to locate and correct.

'It's easy to accidentally mix-and-match different spellings and styles. Intelligent Editing's online consistency checker will make it faster and easier for everyone to catch these insidious consistency errors' said Mignon Fogarty, author of the New York Times bestseller Grammar Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing.

The online consistency checker is available at:

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