Intelligent Editing Launches Apps for Office 2013

Find errors in books, reports, contracts and other documents

LONDON – 02-Apr-2013. Today Intelligent Editing, a leading provider of software for proofreading, announced the launch of two apps for Office. Both apps are for PCs with Office 2013 and are available from the Microsoft Office store.

Apps for Office are new to Office 2013. Microsoft has made it possible for independent companies to sell apps that work within Office. Apps can be bought in the MS Office Store and can be inserted directly into documents. Intelligent Editing has taken up that challenge by delivering two apps that make proofreading faster and more reliable. The apps are Consistency Checker and Abbreviation List.

Consistency Checker finds errors in text that no spelling or grammar checker can spot. It scans a document and returns a list of potential errors to the user. The scan is run in the cloud, giving users access to advanced consistency checking without downloading any additional software. The errors that it finds include hyphenation inconsistencies (e.g. 'copy-edit' and 'copyedit'), spelling inconsistencies (e.g. 'advisor' and 'advisor') and numbers in sentences (where a number appears both spelled out and in numerals).

Abbreviation List finds the definitions for every abbreviation in a document. It alerts the user to any undefined abbreviations, and it automatically generates a Table of Abbreviations. It completes one of the most time-consuming document finalization tasks in seconds.

Just as apps have forever altered the smartphone and tablet markets, apps for Office look set to change the way in which information from the internet can be part of a document's content. With Consistency Checker and Abbreviation List, Intelligent Editing show what apps for Office are capable of.

'The exciting thing for us is the direction that Microsoft is going in. We're hoping that there will be support for apps in Office 365 and Mac, so we can develop checking software across platforms for the first time' said Daniel Heuman, Managing Director of Intelligent Editing.

Consistency Checker and Abbreviation List are free from the Microsoft Office Store.

About Intelligent Editing

Intelligent Editing Ltd specializes in software that delivers faster, more accurate editing for professionals. Intelligent Editing’s add-in, PerfectIt, is used by editors, authors, technical writers, consultants, and lawyers around the world, including more than 200 members of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders in the UK. Our philosophy is that good software lets you write your way. We don't use templates or input fields or anything else that restricts your writing. We design software that quickly and easily helps professionals to create the best documents.

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